The Café Way® business planning services bring conversation back to business and problem solving.

We involve and bring together people at all levels of the organization to holistically articulate and solve issues that keep organizations from transformational change and achieving desired results.

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The Café Way® services break through the organizational silos that hamper progress, and help to keep your business moving to the next level.

Businesses can no longer afford lost project function, time or resources that comes with an emperor who has no clothes. They need results and for projects to fulfill on the desired purpose and outcomes. Businesses need all of the projects in the enterprise to align to the strategy and vision with purpose. They also need the organization to recognize and participate in the change. The Café Way® links corporate vision and strategy with the current projects in the organization, helps to create a framework for delivering those projects in unison with the corporate strategy, and utilizes your own staff to get the job done, versus a team of highly paid consultants.

The progressive steps of our services are as follows:


Goals, Strategy, Vision, Problems, Ideas, Direction, Intention, Roadblocks, Expectations and Values


Ideas, Solutions, Existing Process, Existing Projects, Proper Players, Disconnects


Where you are, the ideas you have, the existing processes, the players, the existing projects


Plans, roadmaps, architecture, new projects, alignment, focus, stability and control, a link to delivering vision.


Change both Organizational and technology.


The Plans to the desired result On time in budget and it did what it was supposed to do.